Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Parelli Weekend

Just an update on my weekend with 3* instructor Tina Giordano.

Had a private lesson on Friday.  Nothing really humungous to mention.  He was magically doing super changes of direction, though.  Got a flying change, one in each direction even!  And then we spent some time with circling game and just building RRC to the point where he stops looking to the outside of the circle so much and bends himself on the circle.  Tina told me that when you get to level 4, it becomes a lot less about technique, and much more about experimentation, reading everything at a deeper level, timing, and time (things don't change as fast as they could in the early levels).

Saturday there was nothing I was participating in, so it was all watching, hanging out, and soaking up the lovely Parelli people and environment.  A Parelli friend who was there went for a trail ride with me.  It was absolutely gorgeous, blue skies, perfect weather, and the most lovely, well-maintained trails.

Then on Sunday I had an impromptu lesson with Lori, to help her get her 10 hours teaching freestyle to become a 2* instructor.  I had some different tasks I hadn't played with much pointed out to me.  Also discovered that I could do leg yields at the walk without touching my reins; what a pleasant surprise!

And Sunday afternoon was the trail riding workshop.  At the beginning it was pouring and I was really questioning whether I wanted to do this.  But then it cleared and there was the most gorgeous light shining through, contrasting with the dark clouds.  Half the class ended up going for the trail ride with Lori (1* instructor) and Mollie (2* instructor), while the other half had some various things they worked on with Tina (and had some cool breakthroughs and discoveries).  I was on the trail ride, and had a delightful time, especially watching Lori in the lead, who was driving her mare.  It was a hoot to watch them go through a shallow pond!  And, of course, had some great reminders from Mollie about fluidity during the ride and helping the horses behind you.  All the horses really started managing their space much better by the end of the ride.

Can't wait to get my pictures from Coco, who I met for the first time this weekend!

I learned a lot less from this clinic as I have from previous ones, and I think that's to be expected.  The big thing clinics have become for me is inspiration, and reminding me about heart and desire (which was suffering for me a bit).  It's so great to be surrounded by so many positive people!


Parelli Central said...

Glad you had fun and enjoyed yourself! That's what it's all about :-)

Petra Christensen
Parelli 2Star Junior Trainee Instructor
Parelli Central

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