Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Taping Terrors!

Okay, so the title’s a bit of an exaggeration.  But, really, there’s something about video-taping that sucks the savvy out of me.  If things don’t go perfectly, I panic, thinking “Oh no, it’s not perfect!  Eek!  What do I do now?”  And all those things I might normally do are gone and I think, “Oh, I’ll just do this,” paying no attention to my horse in a futile effort to redo the pathetic first attempt.
So whenever I tape, I have to constantly be telling myself, “Pay attention to your horse!”  I did decent in my latest liberty attempt.  Not on par with our usual sessions, but for taping, I’m happy.  The main spot I notice is the end, where I go to yo-yo Cal through the gate.  He got a little nervous and rushed backwards.  If I had paid attention to him and let him stand there and lick and chew, I’m sure he would have come right back.  Instead, my taping demon came out and I thought, “He’s nervous!  What if I can’t get him back?!  Panic!  Ask him back now!  Hurry!" Not polite, and it’s only reasonable Cal didn’t come right on back.
In any case, I think it’s good enough for my audition.  I've just sent it in.  And now, I just need to repeat to myself a million times, "I will be happy whatever the results are."  =D  Haha.


Kerrin Koetsier said...

Looks like you did pretty well, Jen! Even if you were having taping terrors.... :)

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