Friday, August 6, 2010

Liberty Fun

I know I shouldn't let myself get all worked up about some things (see last post), because I always end up feeling all icky about it and then not playing with Cal for a few days.  When I went out today to play, I was not feeling so sure about it....and then decided, why am I thinking about this so much?

I then turned him loose, and just decided to have fun.  Ran around doing canter stick-to-me and transitions, trotting figure-8's, spins, sideways, run to stand on the pedestal, squeeze between barrels, jump the barrels, jump a single barrel....all without putting on the pressure I normally do.  And guess was nice.  Hahaha.  I get so intense about things sometimes, it just makes things awful.

We were rocking the spins today!  I used the technique for doing spins on the circle, but at a close range, because it's hard for me to do them on the circle because our changes of direction tend to fail.  Still sweet, though  After I got Cal to jump the barrel once, and gave him itches afterwards, he got really enthusiastic about it. horse!  Love it!  Oh, oh, and I even got some okay changes of direction!  Aaaaand, his draw was superb!  Trotting over without me asking, and even cantering over once.  (He tends to stay in the trot as long as he can; cantering is a big deal!)

Yup, I'm all giddy and hardly writing well, but who cares.  Yahoo!  =D


Parelli Central said...

Happy to hear you had a great day with your horse! I watched your auditions and really liked them. Good job... and really nice horse :-)

Petra Christensen
Parelli 1Star Junior Instructor
Parelli Central

Jen2Cal said...

Thanks Petra! He's a pretty fun horse. =) I just wish I didn't get in my own way.

Do you keep a blog? I love reading about other people's perspectives.


p.s. I did respond to a comment you left on my blog a while ago. I wish blogspot would implement a way to notify you about replies on comments. (Unless there is one and I have just totally missed it.)

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